The Friends of St. Joseph’s (FOSJ)

Parents, guardians and carers of children at St. Joseph’s automatically become members of the Friends of St. Joseph’s School (FOSJ). The FOSJ have a twofold remit within the school:

  •  to contribute to the school community by organising social events for the enjoyment and benefit of the children, parents and families
  •  to raise funds for the school for the educational benefit of the children

Each year, a group of volunteers from the FOSJ are elected to form an organising committee to work on this agenda.  Profits from fundraising events are assigned to purchase resources or fund activities which, after consultation with and approval of the Headteacher, the Committee agree would benefit the school and its pupils.

Last year many successful events were held, including regular film nights for the children, a quiz night for parents, a junior disco and an infant party, Christmas Shopping events, a sponsored bounce and lastly, our biggest annual fundraiser, the Summer Fair. The funds raised from these events have paid for a range of fantastic equipment around the school, including the projector and audio system in the hall, library books, upgrades to our Computer Suite, a gazebo for the Infant Playground, a class set of tablet computers and, most recently, enhanced resources for the new curriculum and a school wide subscription to “Mathletics”.

Participating in the FOSJ offers an opportunity to get involved in the life and success of the school and is a good way to make new friends. Everyone is welcome to get as involved as they wish.

FOSJ Committee Roles 2016/17:

Chair: Mrs Emma Smith

Vice Chairs: Ms Terri Dolan

Treasurer:  Mrs Lisa Fitch

Secretary:  Mrs Olivia Holland


Please click on the documents below for information about current and forthcoming events.